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The "Sukajan" is a jacket with embroidered decorations that was developed for American soldiers seeking souvenirs from Japan after the end of WWII in 1945. And it fascinated many foreigners with its artistic quality that was distinctly different from other embroidered jackets from other countries made at the same era.

Three of the founders of JAPAN JACKET were also fascinated by this type of jacket.

Another fact is that Yokosuka, where we are based, is the birthplace of the jacket. The name "Sukajan" also comes from the abbreviation of the word "Yokosuka jumper". And this commodity that was crowned with the name of the town has supported this place for a long time by making a lot of income.

However, in Yokosuka in recent years, the number of U.S. soldiers who buy "Sukajan" has dwindled. One of the reasons may be that with the development of global distribution, the Sukajan is no longer something that can only be bought in Japan.

However, no matter how connected global distribution has become, the appeal of this jacket, which is a crystallization of the Japanese manufacturing spirit, has not diminished. The purpose of JAPAN JACKET is to introduce the appeal of Sukajan to the world in a way that is unique to the modern age of globalization.

We hope to do this by introducing to the world the wonder of our beloved, one-of-a-kind jackets through cutting-edge Sukajans that no one has ever made before, and through manufacturing that is unconstrained by the restrictions that have existed in the industry until now.

NFT Sukajan


Sukajan, a kind of souvenir jacket, was originally designed to carry the name of the person who bought it and the place where he or she lived.

The Sukajan is no longer just a souvenir for American soldiers returning from Japan, but is now popular all over the world as a representative of Asian clothing. For example, Asian hero (with super fluffy buddy) in the latest American comic book movies wear it.

However, since the world is connected by the Internet and we can buy things from anywhere in the world, the "place" where the item was bought has less of an impact on the identity of the owner. Sukajan has also lost its significance as a souvenir.

In such a time, the NFT market is a place where "things that can only be bought here" that affect identity are sold. This is why we have started to explore the possibility of a new Sukajan by combining the physical Sukajan, a one-of-a-kind item, with an authentic NFT Sukajan of the same design.

Each purchaser will receive a special gold-colored Sukajan, machine embroidered by an experienced artisan, with the same design as the NFT. (The price of the NFT includes the cost of making the physical Sukajan.)

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CEO / HITOMOTO Kazuyoshi
一本 和良

Kazuyoshi has lived on Dobuita St. for generations, and after WWII, his family started a souvenir store. He was born and raised on Dobuita St. in Yokosuka, the "birthplace of the Sukajan", and is the manager of the Sukajan store MIKASA.

CEO / YOKOCHI Hiromichi
横地 広海知

Hiromichi is a Sukajan painter, designing new Sukajan patterns using numerous traditional shapes. As a WWII souvenir collector, they collects valuable items from all over the world and is trying to build a private museum in thier office in Dobuita.

COO / HITOMOTO Toshikazu
一本 寿和

Toshi is a member of the editorial department of "Atarashii Keizai", a blockchain and virtual currency (crypto-assets) information website of Gentosha Co. Toshi joined JAPAN JACKET to revitalize Toshi's hometown by utilizing Toshi's knowledge in the blockchain and NFT fields.

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